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Commons Animateurs

Who We Are

A diverse interdisciplinary applied research team into radically inclusive knowledge

co-creations,  groundbreaking innovation, scientific outreach via meaningful storytelling

for transformative planetary impact.

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Dr.Eda Elif Tibet

Visual  & Multi Modal Anthropologist / Initiative Lead

Post doctoral researcher at the critical sustainability Unit, Institute of Geography, University of Bern. Founder and lead of the Research Initiative Animating the Commons.

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Kanchan Joneja

Design Researcher

Kanchan is a design researcher, multidisciplinary creative, and writer based out of Delhi. As Co-founder and Creative Head at Off Centre Collective, she’s often found deep diving into wicked problems that cut across disciplines and designing thought-provoking interventions or finding new ways of storytelling. An alumnus of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi, her work has largely been impact-driven, collaborative, and grounded in the development sector. She has worked with the likes of Serendipity Arts Foundation, SEEDS, World Resources Institute, and Global Environments Network. She believes in the power of collaboration and communication to scale impact in the world. 

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Sukriti Thukral

Design Researcher & Strategist

Sukriti is a creative thinker, keen observer, and synthesiser of the world. She works in the domain of research, strategy and design with a human centred approach for sustainable development. She has deep interest in themes around conservation, gender and mental health. With her love for design, data and humans she aspires to drive innovation and amplify impact for a better planet. She is an alumni of the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi.

Hazal Tanrisever

PostGraduate Researcher

E. Hazal Tanrisever grew up and finished her education in Istanbul, a city tradition alive yet very modern and cosmopolitan. Curiosity drove her to participate in an exchange program sponsored by AFS for a year in Messina, Italy, during her high school education. She received her bachelor's degree in "Management of Performing Arts" from Istanbul Bilgi University, an interdisciplinary program that allows students to examine cultural structures and policies in both regional and international dimensions within their social, economic, and political frameworks. She was very interested in media, arts, and cultural activities, and she also worked as a producer at the University's own television production unit. After several years of hard work as a producer at the university's television production unit, she was hired by Funes Media Company during her studies and became an assistant producer for documentaries sold to companies such as TRT and AL Jazeera.


She began working for Istanbul Kadköy Municipality as a Project Coordinator in several different directorates after graduating successfully. Her main focus area was cultural structures and policies and developing creative approaches to cultural infrastructure and its institutions and coordinating implementing research and development projects of Kadıköy Municipality. After three years of public service, she began her master's degree at the University of Bern in the specialised and highly selective CREOLE program "Social Anthropology: Cultural Differences and Transnational Processes", during which she is spending one year of exchange at the University of Vienna. Her primary research interests are in mass communication and digital media with a special emphasis on how media are produced or modified for usage by specific communities, especially women.

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Irem Aydemir

Graduate Researcher

Irem is a political scientist, filmmaker and visual activist from Turkey. She participated in journalism and civil society activities in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas, and Asia. She produced works on memory, theatre, cultural heritage, minorities, and migration. cultural heritage. Her current research is on cultural resistance through theatre in a refugee camp, based on ethnographic fieldwork. She continues to create content on the relationship between intersectionality and art.


Prof.Dr.Susan Thieme

Advisor / Initiative Host


Prof.Dr.Alexander Schieffer

Advisor / Initiative Partner

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Dr.Rama Mani

Advisor / Initiative Partner

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