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Workshop at the Global Environments Summer Academy - GESA, University of Oxford

We aim to conduct a one-week long workshop on participatory video methods (same as Ethno Kino workshop) as part of the wider curriculum created for the Global Environment Summer Academy (GESA) that takes place at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford in 2020. GESA is a peer-to-peer learning platform providing emerging environmental leaders who are concerned about human dimensions of environmental challenges with networking opportunities, communication skills and a venue for cutting-edge multidisciplinary reflection. A focus to interact with environmental change makers is rooted in our conviction that we must engage creatively with a broad but also with the right public in order to catalyse reflection, debate and interest in cultural landscapes. An oblique approach to the topic will require audiences to reflect deeply about the topic, to engage with narratives that are not given or overt, by generating a productive dialogue among a transdisciplinary cohort of scientists, artists and environmental advocates.

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