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At the interface of science and arts ; our applied  research initiative looks at a diverse range of commoning practices and the commons. We orchestrate at the nexus of design, communications and behavioral change. We are a multidisciplinary cohort of commons animateurs working towards building unorthodox coalitions, alliances and partnerships among various stakeholders; from foundations to NGOs, private to public institutions. We help local communities, change-makers and scientists invent social brands that serve the common good and introduce constructive and appealing discourses through meaningful storytelling. We bridge narratives around solutions to complex planetary challenges and increase visibility by amplifying impact through award winning documentary films, media campaigns, branding strategies and co-creative gatherings. From deforestation to climate change, soil erosion, plastic pollution to food waste, we ‘translate’ sustainability so that people not only understand the issues, but are compelled to act. We build capacity and co-create transformative and catalytic spaces via events and workshops that foster deep dialogue, social cohesion  and emancipation.

The Art & Science of Storytelling

The knowledge we produce and thus the narratives we develop to make sense of the world, play a central role in shaping our decisions about how to solve global problems. In a co-creative search for new and diverse range of discourses in critical sustainability research, we conduct applied and transformative science within the juxtaposition of Human Geography, Sustainability Studies and Visual Anthropology. In the spirit of a diversifying and inclusive ontological ethos, our approach cuts every disciplinary silos and niche.Our research and audio visual documentation, media interventions and wider services aim to focus on life-scale examples in transforming higher education curriculum through the documentation of the changing sociopolitical and cultural landscapes of the global world. Encouraging young researchers and partners to become independent, visible and regenerative thought leaders, we conduct applied research and work towards developing cutting edge methods and methodologies for scientific outreach and knowledge exchange around various interconnectivities.

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Dr.Eda Elif Tibet
Post-Doctoral Researcher, GIUB

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