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Cinema of the Commons
Our Award Winning  Documentary Films circulated in world wide film festivals
nd broadcast on Tv: Arte, BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, Habitat TV, IZ TV, National Geographic ....


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Rooted within the arts and science of transformative storytelling, we tell radically meaningful stories. We strive to engage the audience beyond the screen, encouraging our audience to become agents of transformation to ensure the continuity of our beautiful planet earth. Our aim as visual anthropologists is to develop and implement a unique and affective storytelling methodology enabling deep planetary impact with a goal to shift the paradigm from, “the love of power to the power of love”. We do this by bringing arts and science holistically together.

Our genre is a mix of the observational and Jean Rouch inspired cinema verite and ethno-fiction together. Our unique storytelling approach is based on the co-creative participatory aspects of working very closely with local communities and people from every walk of life side by side. We build on the works of luminaries such as Werner Herzog, Tim Burton, Hayao Miyazaki, Emir Kusturica, Majid Majidi, Tala Hadid and Abbas Kiarostami as we bring in our own unique but collective voice.

Our films are the result of applied participatory audio-visual research methods. We spotlight the expertise of the people whose life is at stake as we shift the perspective of who is the ‘expert’ away from those holding the cameras and therefore in a position of power. Rather than just the film-maker, participating community members also record and document their own lives. They form an interactive community whose members explore shared issues and deepen the collective understanding of their realities and concerns. The recordings are circulated, shared, reflected upon and edited together in ways that alchemise new perspectives, new knowledge, and ultimately, a paradigm shift. We aim to catalyse such shifts in narrative and paradigm by engaging a versatile base of target audiences whom we perceive as our collaborating partners and participants.

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