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  1. Applied & Design Research to bridge the divide between theory and practice, looking at social and economic issues, focusing on potential solutions for the common good.

  2. Multidisciplinary Scientific Outreach to bridge the divide between academia and wider publics by cross cutting disciplinary silos. We create dialogue among researchers, policymakers, and community organizations to support the convergence of knowledge and the filling of gaps on complex topics.

  3. Unorthodox Coalitions as Collaborative Partnerships to bridge the divide between North and South, enabling decolonized access to funds, visibility and recognition.We ally with organizations and individuals working towards creating positive impact in the world, such as nonprofit organizations, social enterprises, and community groups. We encourage partnerships between government, businesses, and community organizations to address socioeconomic challenges and promote economic and cultural growth.

  4. Meaningful Storytelling for advocacy, empowerment, visibility, branding and scaling impact.

  5. Policy Recommendations addressing Systemic Issues for societal and global transformation; inclusive of all. Guiding government and community leaders on how to address key social and economic challenges, such as poverty, inequality, and environmental sustainability. Our solutions contribute to socioeconomic inequality, such as wealth distribution mechanisms, bias in education, economics and employment issues.

  6. Co-Creative Gatherings, Festivals, Events and Workshops for social cohesion, deep dialogue and emancipation to share knowledge and expertise on creating positive impact, and to engage with stakeholders and the broader community.

  7. Transformative Education and Resources to empower emerging regenerative thought leaders, practitioners, artists and applied young scholars.We mentor within our innovative curriculum within and beyond academic institutions, we produce documentary films, impact kits, tool-kits, videos, podcasts and online courses, that provide information and guidance on how to create positive impact in various areas of society.

  8. Social Branding for the Common Good for scalable local to global impact we strategise towards social brands via media interventions that are commoning hope, abundance and resilience in face of adversities and planetary challenges.

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