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New Media Narratives on Sustainability Studies: A Performative Ethnography on Regenerative Pastoralism with Shepherds of Val Romey, France

Photographs by Eda Elif Tibet and Cihan Elci , ValRomey, Hottones, France, November 2020

In a co-creative search for new narratives for sustainability that is grounded in how humans make decisions we seek to understand how the world we live in works. The narratives we develop to make sense of the world play a central role in shaping our decisions about how to solve global problems. Our research thus aims to focus on life-scale examples in co-developing an agriculture and food system, describing the changing rural landscape of Eastern France. It aims to explore the know-how and the tools being developed by pioneering farmers and herders whom are in support of the transition towards regenerative agriculture and pastoralism in this region and beyond. Our audio visual research in France takes place in Haut Valromey, Hottones with agroforestry practitioners , regenerative farmers and shepherds as herders. 

Collaborative Partners:

Au Rythme Du Troupeau​



TV Episode: The Rhythm of the Flock at Antropolojik, Habitat TV.

REPORT: University of Bern

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