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Screening events will be organized at a cinema run by a student led collective Ethno Kino at Reitschule Bern, curating a not for profitethnographic film program.  Our projects’ documentary film and the mobile videos made by the mobile pastoralists fit very well into the recently initiated series “transactive dialogues”focusing on knowledge productions out of academic confines (supported by promotion fund, University of Bern, E. E. Tibet main applicant and co-curator of Ethno Kino). The film-makers and the mobile pastoralists whose videos will be showcased will be present during the screenings and will engage with the audience. As part of the screening events, a four days’ workshop on participatory audio visual research will be held at the mLab (Geography, University of Bern) on  four techniques of our participatory audio visual research:


1. Participatory learning and action: Participatory film processes start by opening up spaces for the group to engage in a ‘safe’ environment, followed by group building exercises and video work to establish a shared purpose and collaboration,


2.Visualisation and storytelling in participatory practices: The participants will practice on storyboarding to develop a collective story to then stimulate dialogue with peers and wider audiences on the notions of “commons”. After they will produce film material of their choice, 


3. Design thinking & editing:Participants will learn the basics of digital video editing and will produce final outputs of their films,


4. Screening & feedback: Groups share the films with each other and discuss how to use their films to generate debate and communicate with external audiences.


A communication strategy for the films will be developed as the processes require considering what can be communicated, to who and when—and to oversee the risks and ethical issues that might involve.



Upon its’ finalization by the end of 2020, the participatory documentary film will be disseminated to scientific film festivals such as the (organized by the main applicant Susan Thieme in Bern). We will appeal to various film festivals (e.g. Royal Anthropological Institute Bristol (UK); Society for Visual Anthropology (USA), Initimalente film fest Napels (It), DocFeed Eindhoven (NL), Documentarist (TR), Art and History Museum in Geneva) where the project partner Eda Elif Tibet already has close ties with and a screening background of her previous films. 

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