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Participatory film

Communicating the participatory field research outcomes include sharing the processes of the making of a participatory documentary film with the Ait Atta Tribe of the High Atlas in Morocco. Stages of the film will be periodically shared through our proposed interactive web site and by other social media means to inform the public and to communicate our research outcomes through the film. 

Eda Elif Tibet and Inanc Tekguc have conducted interviews and filmed the transhumance migration journey of a family among the Ait Atta tribe across the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They accompanied the family on foot, during the months of May-June 2019 from Nkob to Igourdane (140kms).  The film still in an ongoing process, our team is in search of different epistemological narratives. Within the upcoming field visits, the team will share a preliminary compilation of un-edited visuals through the community screenings where they will receive “feedback” (Rouch 1981) from the local community members. Hence, the feedback process will be filmed too. 


1) Their adaptation strategies when faced with environmental stressors, degradation and drought,


2) Infrastructures of mobility and the multiplicity of informal economies,


3) To visually explore the ecological cycles by documenting the regeneration of the pastures.



Another part of the funds is to conduct participatory video workshops with the community for them to produce their own videos (smart phones, mobiles) during April and May 2020 so to collect their own narratives and issues they raise. 

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